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When was your last full check up with your regular GP (general practitioner)?
Have you been prescribed with this medication (Tamiflu) before?
Your sex?
How would you best describe your blood pressure, in general? Click here for blood pressure information.
Are you currently suffering from any of the flu symptoms?
Do you wish to have this medication as a precautionary measure in case of contact with people with the flu? (You must be aware not to take this medicine unless you feel the symptoms of the flu)
Do you understand that only one medication should be taken as a treatment for the same condition at any one time and should the initial treatment not work you will contact a doctor before proceeding with the second?
Do you suffer from asthma?
Do you use any form of inhalers?
Do you suffer from any form of renal impairment?
Do you have/have you had cardiovascular problems?
Do you have/have you had respiratory problems?
Are you pregnant?
Are you breastfeeding?
Is there a history of disorders in your family (medical or otherwise)?
Do you suffer from any allergies or experience allergic reactions?
(e.g. hayfever, peanuts, penicillin)
Are you currently taking any medication?
(please include both prescription medication and OTC medicines e.g. St. John's wort)
Is there anything else which you feel we should know about regarding your medical condition and request for treatment?
(e.g. any major surgeries, physical abnormalities, general medical problems not covered above)
It is in your best interests if a doctor who prescribes for you can share information with your regular GP, e.g. by telling him or her what has been prescribed for you. If you agree that the prescriber can share information with your GP, please signify your consent by filling in his/her name and address here. (optional)
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